Saturday, March 24, 2012

Get On The Floor

Hey everyone!  Last night was one of the best Friday nights I have had in a while.  The majority of it (basically from 9:30p to 3:30a) was spent on the dance floor.  Jack and I are at our annual lindy hop exchange having a blast.  I spent the night whirling everywhere, chatting with people I haven’t seen in months, and even getting my groove on in the middle of a jam circle, just me and my partner in the spotlight.  I was so nervous but it was a lot of fun.

Between the evening dance, which ended at midnight, and the late night event, which started at 12:30a, a few friends and I went for some late night drinks and considering that all I had had to eat was a salad at 7:30 earlier that night, I was not in the greatest of shape after a half hour.


Thankfully there were peanuts and clementines to snack on.  After a whole sleeve of delightfully salted peanuts, oh man yum, and a little baby orange, I was feeling so much better and I spent the rest of the early morning bluesing it up on the floor.  I enjoyed every second of it.


Bed happened around 4am and I woke up at 11am this morning ready to do it all again.  Jack and I are headed to a BBQ afternoon dance today from noon to 3:30 and then we’re doing something I have been sooooooo excited to do: WE’RE SEEING THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!  I wish you could fully understand how pumped I am for this. It’s going to be insane.

After the movie we’ll do dinner and then it’s off to another evening dance and late night adventure.  I’m thinking I’m going to be utterly tired come 3:30 in the morning but it will so be worth it.  Have an awesome Saturday!

Questions: Have you seen The Hunger Games?
If so, what are your thoughts?
What’s your favorite kind of dance?


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