Thursday, November 3, 2011

Better Than Takeout

Yesterday was the first Wednesday of the month which means it was Supper Club night!! This time we went to Oriental Inn for some authentic Korean Chinese food.  Basically the owners were born in China but raised in Korea so they consider what they cook to be REAL Chinese food, not the American Chinese food we’re used to (think General Tso’s chicken).  I was pretty excited about it.

We started off with some cabbage and cucumber kimchee along with pickled daikon and raw onion with a chocolately bitter-ish sauce.


Next came this appetizer noodle dish with ham, pork, shrimp, jellyfish (eek!), crab, egg, cucumber, carrot, and black fungus all tossed in a medium heat mustard sauce.


We also had deep fried red pepper chicken pieces on the bone.


For our huge list of entrees we had a dish with shrimp, crab, squid, broccoli, and mushrooms in a light sauce.


Beef in a sweet brown sauce.


Curried tofu (yes, I ate all the maraschino cherries off the plate, hehe).


Vermicelli with shaved vegetables (this was served elsewhere on the table with either chicken or pork…I sat by the vegetarians).


BEST DISH OF THE NIGHT: noodles in a black bean paste (jajangmyun in Korean I think), hands down awesome.  I could have easily eaten the entire serving bowl of this.  I may or may not have had three servings…


Last up was a spicy noodle soup (again, in other parts of the table, the soup had crab, shrimp, and squid in it).


We all had so much food that everyone else thought they were going to burst.  I felt completely fine, like I could put away more food.  I often wonder why I don’t get full like other people do.  It’s weird and I sometimes feel a bit awkward when everyone else is saying things like “I couldn’t possibly eat one more bite” and I’m thinking “I could have a whole new full plate”.  I’m note sure what to think about that.

We finished off the meal with the best fortune cookies I have ever had.


Loved my fortune.  Very appropriate for how I’ve been feeling lately. Needed to the pick-me-up.  =D  All in all, Supper Club was attended by something like 25-30 people this time (apparently the largest turnout yet!) and we each paid $14.20 for our awesome meal.  Wayyyy better than takeout for sure.  Considering how much food we got, all the things we tried that weren’t even on their actual menu, and the fantastic company, I was more than happy with the price.  I really do love this group.  I look forward to every first Monday!

Other eats for the day included protein frosted French toast, turkey/garlic mayo/mozzarella sandwich on potato bread, honey twist pretzels/multigrain crackers, mozzarella string cheese, peanut butter covered celery stick, and Smarties.


Today, good old Thursday, was my typically long day of classes though it was even longer than normal because I attended a callout meeting for a new club on campus called Foodies Guild.  Essentially it’s a big group of students who like food, cooking, baking, etc. and want to share that passion with one another.  They started things off right: with a pitch-in food set up.


I didn’t have anything but the snickerdoodles looked mighty good, if I do say so.  Earlier in the day I had some vanilla yogurt with oats and chia seeds, a turkey/mozzarella/garlic mayo sandwich, apple (unpictured because I snacked on it in Syndrome Review class), a mountain mix MoJo bar, and a slice of ricotta and mango/passion fruit jam toast at home right before my workout.


With fresh legs, since Wednesday was my rest day, I hit up the elliptical for a 30 minute workout.  I studied for my genetics exam on Monday while on the machine and it really does go so much faster if you are otherwise occupied.  When I came back from the fitness center I started water boiling, took a quick shower, and then threw in two types of pasta to cook.  I combined that pasta with spinach/asiago chicken sausage, corn, garlic pasta sauce, and parmesan cheese.


Carb-loading was in order as I have a long run tomorrow morning.  It tasted great and I firmly believe there is something totally comforting about a big bowl of pasta. =D

After an evening or more studying, I had dessert.  For part one I had an 86% dark chocolate s’more and it was divine.  Part two was a big bowl of ice cream (two new flavors from Kroger!!) with some caramel and whipped topping.


I ate these in front of the TV watching Biggest Loser on my DVR.  I was a happy camper for sure.  Something else that made me smile was the cartoon class roster that one of my first year classmates made for us.


How adorable is that?!?!  We’re amazed at how real it looks.  Corrie did such a good job and we all think it’s much better than the real life pictures that were originally hanging up in the student room.

With that my dears, I hope you have a wonderful Friday!!  I fully intend to do so myself.  By the way, welcome to November.  We have exactly 3 weeks until Thanksgiving.  Wow, can’t even believe how quickly time has flown by.

Question: Do you feel full around the same time as others feel full?


  1. My first comment got eaten by blogger. Hate it when that happens. Anyway, long comment short: I love "Real Chinese" food! You're making me miss Toronto with this post. If you ever have the chance, you should try dim sum.


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