Thursday, November 17, 2011

Styrofoam Snow

Today was an interesting day.  It contained a few moments that I wanted to document and share with you.

1. Last year I got a weird e-mail from my best friend’s e-mail address.  It talked about how he and his wife had gotten mugged or something overseas and that he needed us to send money.  Well, first off, there was no way he was overseas.  Trust me, if he had left the country, I would have known.  Second off, he would never ask me for money like that, let alone a whole list of “undisclosed recipients”.  So I tell you all this because this morning I got the same, exact e-mail from another person I don’t even know.

Bad E-mail

Sadly ineffective.  Please promise me that if you get this kind of an e-mail you’ll report it as spam and get it out of your inbox as soon as you can.  Whatever you do, don’t fall for it!

2. They make bike lanes for a reason.  Seriously, ride where you’re supposed to.


3. There is this thing called “possessive case” and it is designated by an apostrophe.  Now there is also something called “a second set of eyes”.  You would think people who are creating signs would use both…


Otherwise, the day went well.  I had a lovely breakfast of OIAJ!!  Step one: grab an almost empty nut butter jar (I used an old JIF one).


Step two: Make up your favorite combo of oats (I used 1/4 cup rolled oats and 2T steel cut oats for crunch) and mix-ins (mine had 10g of Sunwarrior vegan chocolate protein which I got as a free sample, 1T wheat germ, and some Stevia).  Place in jar.


Step three: Devour.  Make sure to scrap sides to get all the goodness!


Honestly, the Sunwarrior chocolate flavor was disappointing.  When I poured it out of the packet it smelled divine.  I had high hopes based on my nose but when I actually got a bite the chocolate flavor was almost non-existent.  Because of this my whole peanut butter cup oats idea (chocolate oats, peanut butter on the side) kind of fell flat.  In light of this though, the peanut butter stole the show.  It was so creamy, dreamy, and delicious.

On my walk to class, something weird happened.  It snowed.  No, not real snow.  Styrofoam snow.  On my normal route there is a building that is getting a major overhaulin’ facelift of it’s external walls.  The construction crews essentially plastered the building with big Styrofoam blocks and then proceeded to carve them today into brick-like shapes.  Unfortunately as this was being done anyone who walked along the side of the building got snowed one.  Little tiny beads of white sprinkled all around me and I had to brush them off my shoulders and out of my hair.  Oh well, maybe the whole thing will look better after they paint the blocks??

My breakfast kept me full for over four hours.  I love when that happens!  Around 1p I decided I should eat before heading to Syndrome Review at 2p.  I pulled my turkey, mozzarella, and garlic mayo sandwich on flaxseed bread down from the shelf above my desk and I grabbed my large red delicious apple.


The meal was nice and satisfying.  I’ll admit I’m not typically a woman who likes red delicious apples.  I’m more of a fuji or honeycrisp lover most days but this one really hit the spot.  Also, the garlic mayo is awesome.

Syndrome review was not so in line with its name but rather a review of an organization called About Special Kids.  Essentially they work with parents of children with special needs.  They are a huge database of resources and a wealth of information.  From what I heard of the talk (I kind of dozed off) they sound like a great foundation and a fantastic resource for my patients, whenever I get to see said patients.  Something to look forward to indeed.

Next class was Dysmorphology which was thankfully short.  I snacked on some sweet & salty trail mix while we talked about hands and feet.


As the professor spoke, whenever you looked around the classroom, at least one person if not more were staring at their fingerprints, their palmar creases, or phalangeal joints.  It was rather comical.  I happen to have all three of my creases, a whole bunch of loops and maybe one arch fingerprints, and all my joints are intact.  Did you know that creases in your hands are the result of hand-folding in utero.  Yes, you opened and closed your hands in the womb and how much/how frequently/in what way you did that defined your creases.  They are unique to you, much like your fingerprints are also entirely yours.  Guess what, so are your TOEprints!

When I got home from class, oh what a windy walk it was, I watched an episode of Gossip Girl on Netflix after seasoning twelve or thirteen shrimp with a mix of onion and garlic powders, paprika, Italian seasoning, and pepper.  Later these were boiled up with some spinach tortellini for dinner.  I tossed both of these in basil pasta sauce with goat cheese melted in.


The whole bowl was nice and creamy though it could have used some sautéed spinach.  Maybe a salad on the side.  Maybe tomorrow.

In the late evening I did a whole bunch of nothing.  That is because in overall academic awesomeness today, I finished my role play prep for Nov 29th when I have to perform it in front of the class.  This is the second to last one so I’m excited for that.  Also, I’m pumped I don’t have to do any work on it over the holiday break we’ll be spending with my parents.  Yay!  I just get to visit and relax.  Can’t ask for anything more.

Aside from doing nothing…okay, so maybe I packed for my swing dance weekend with Jack…I read more of Catching Fire.  In fact, I think I’m going to hit the sheets, tuck myself in, and read even more.  I love the story.  In fact, I have a confession to make.  I have watched the trailer five times in two days.  Why don’t I share so you too can check out this greatness.  (P.S. If you’re planning on reading the book, read it first then watch the trailer.  Trust me, it’s better that way.)

Okay, so that makes time six…

On that super high note, I’m out ladies and gentlemen.  Have a wonderful evening.  I am going to go indulge in my “smudgies” (mashed banana mixed with either Nutella or Biscoff then smushed between graham crackers and frozen) and devour a few more chapters.


Questions: What are you favorite seasonings for shrimp?
Ever looked at your TOEprints?


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