Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Deep Breaths

Today was an unexpected day off.

I woke up and read in bed and then got up to start working on a patient letter due tomorrow.  I snacked on a banana with a smear of chocolate PB2 while working. 


Around 11 I walked to the fitness center and did 50 minutes on the stationary reclined bike.  I had finished Julie & Julia earlier in the day so I embarked on The Hunger Games trilogy today while working out.  I blasted through the first 50+ pages and returned to the apartment sweaty and pleased.  I showered and snacked on a chocolate peanut butter protein bite because I knew that Joshua would be arriving soon and didn’t want to be too full since we would be going to lunch.


Upon his arrival we figured out where lunch should take place: Chatham Tap, a new-to-us restaurant just around the corner within walking distance.


We started off with the Portabello Mushroom Fries (deep-fried slices of portabello mushrooms served with a chipotle garlic-ranch dipping sauce) since we thought they sounded the most unique. I know I have never had fries made from mushrooms, have you?


These babies turned out awesome.  The mushrooms were perfectly cooked but not buried in fried batter so their flavor was still all over the dish.  The dipping sauce was great too.  For entrees, I ordered the salmon sandwich (4oz salmon filet topped with salad mix, gouda, avocado, and cilantro sauce on black bean and salsa bread) and Joshua had the steak sandwich (4oz ribeye topped with rasher bacon, fried egg, and chipotle-jack cheese served open-faced on parisien bread).  He had coleslaw on the side and I got the homemade kettle chips.


Both sandwiches were super tasty and the kettle chips were fantastic, especially when dipped in ketchup. =D

When enjoyed the weather on our walk to and from the restaurant and when we got back to the apartment we tried to hang my big wall mounted mirror.  We were defeated by the stud-finder and the thinness of my walls.  Oh well, next time I think.

Later in the evening we decided to hit up Oriental Inn, the place Supper Club was held this month.  I had been raving about the black bean noodles so Joshua felt the urge to try them.  We also ordered the four seas combo with shrimp, scallops, fish, and crab in a light garlic-y sauce and a shrimp spring roll a piece.  Fried rice came with the dishes.


The noodles were just as awesome as I remembered and Joshua loved them too.  Man, when the owner calls the dish “Korean spaghetti” I couldn’t agree more and I would rather have this than our spaghetti any day at this time.  Yum!


Done and done.

All in all this was a lovely and much-needed day for the both of us.  The chance to take a few deep breaths in the presence of your best friend is always a good thing.  It’s like the best medicine in the world.


For Tune Tuesday I decided to go with an “oldie”.  I first fell in love with this song when I heard it on So You Think You Can Dance.  Hope you like it.

Question: How do you prevent late night snacking?


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