Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No Regret

Reasons to not work out tonight:

1. I got home from class and work at 6:40p.

2. It was so cold and rainy outside that my bed looked wayyy too comfortable.

3. My apartment was awesomely warm and cozy.  Outside was not.

4. I was hungry and it was already late.

Reasons to work out tonight:

1. I NEVER regret a workout!

So, as you can probably imagine, I went for a workout after my long day of class and work.  I ended up doing 30 minutes on the elliptical.  My machine’s TV transmitter wasn’t working so I did the whole thing in silence which wasn’t my plan at all. Still, after I finished I felt great and I was happy I did it.

I’m not used to Tuesday being long days because before I became employed I had class from 9-11 and that was it!  Now, however, I finished class at 10:55 and I was at work by 11.  I was on a high though which helped thanks to my fantastic cancer role play earlier in the morning.  Apparently I come off as confident and inviting.  Cool.

I worked until 6p and then took the bus home because I didn’t want to walk home in the pitch dark first of all, and I didn’t want to deal with the slushy rain that was falling.  Ugh.  Have I mentioned that I hate winter, pre-winter, and everything cold??  Well, if I haven’t, I just did.  Honestly, I boycott winter every year and somehow it still comes.  Blah!!!

Aside from it being a long day, it was a tasty day too.  Check it out —>


Breakfast: peanut butter cup oats (steel-cut and rolled oats, wheat germ, chia, chocolate protein powder, almond milk, water, stevia)


Lunch: turkey pepperoni and mozzarella sandwich with aside of bold chex mix, plantain crunchers, and everything bagel pretzels


Snack: red delicious apple (eaten in a hunger frenzy when I got to the bus because I had forgotten to eat all afternoon!)


Dinner: taco baked potato (potato topped with corn, taco seasoning, cheddar cheese) with a chicken sausage on bread with BBQ and cheddar


Dessert: Reese’s s’more and ice cream with caramel, peanut butter/butterscotch chips

Now before I take advantage of this evening to get some more sleep, I present you with a past and present edition of Tune Tuesday:

MMMBop was on Hanson’s first album ever.  It took the world by storm.  My favorite memory of this song revolves around dancing in the rain with my mom to it during a concert she took me to.  Loved that moment.

Been There Before was on Hanson’s latest album when the boys were all grown up.  What a change.

Questions: Did you listen to Hanson as a child, recently, or both?
Do you ever regret a workout?

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