Tuesday, November 1, 2011

5K Is My Easy Day

The beginning of this week has been go-go-go.


Monday was role play day part one for three of my classmates.  I, however, go on Wednesday so I got to just sit and listen to how everyone else tackled their CGH subject matter.  It was oddly relaxing.  Some good news: we got our prenatal exams back and I got 94.5%!!!!  I was soooo happy and proud.  I studied my butt off and it felt good that the test reflected that.  Speaking of tests, our Metabolic test got pushed back by a week which was nice but we have a Genetics exam coming up on Monday.  Start studying, I shall.

This morning we had a really interesting lecture on umbilical cord blood banking.  It was so interesting.  Did you know that you can publically bank your baby’s cord blood for public usage should it match another child?  Even better, did you know you can do this at no cost to you?  Now, it is a public donation and you don’t have any rights to it later so if your child needed it down the road you have to go through all the same procedures as someone else in order to claim back your sample, assuming no one had already used it but still.  Imagine if EVERYONE, that’s right EVERYONE, banked the cord blood from their pregnancies.  We could have huge repositories of stem cells that could save children’s lives.  How amazing would that be?  It comes down to education.  We need to be educating our pregnant mothers on their options.  This amazing resource is just being discarded by the hospitals at every delivery.  Why not save it?  Why not use it for research, for treatment?  Just think about all the good that could come from it.  Please, if you know someone who is pregnant, or if you at some point, any point, are thinking of becoming pregnant, think about your options!!

Finally, I may have been offered a job today.  I am meeting to tour the facility tomorrow so I will let you know what comes of it.  I have my fingers crossed because I know that being able to work and have some income would take so much stress off my shoulders.  Here’s hoping!


Monday was a maintenance run day.  I never thought I would ever have “maintenance” runs.  How crazy!  I arrived at the fitness center only to find every single machine minus one elliptical occupied.  Sad face.  I hopped on the open machine and did a bit (about 9 minutes) until a guy hopped off a treadmill that I then hopped on quickly.  I ended up running a 5K distance in about 30 minutes.  I’ve been running slower lately and at a lower incline in an effort to help out my shins.  So far, so good.  Not only am I running pain free thanks to the speed/incline adjustments and my shin/calf compression sleeves I feel like I am so comfortable on my runs that I could go forever.  It’s awesome.  I love that a 5K is now my easy day.

Today was supposed to be an elliptical/bike day but once I finished my 18 minutes on the elliptical the bike was taken so I went to the weight room and did the following two circuits three times through at ten reps and exercise:

  • Weighted squats with 10lb dumbbells
  • Bicep curls with 10lb dumbbells
  • Swiss ball inclined chest press with 10lb dumbbells
  • Olympic press with 10lb dumbbells
  • Static lunges alternating legs under own bodyweight
  • Tricep dips under own bodyweight
  • Wall sit with torso rotation with 10lb dumbbell

When I finished these rounds, I went back and did another 16 minutes on the elliptical since the bike was still taken.  Oh well.  I was much more stiff the second time around on the machine but that’s okay.


After a weekend of tons of sugar and decadent food (the leftovers of which I took to the student room)…


…I have been eating a bit simpler these past two days.  Breakfasts were protein frosted French toast and a vanilla protein breakfast cake topped with sunbutter.  Maple and chia on both.


Monday lunch was a turkey and mozzarella sandwich with pretzels and sesame sticks on the side eaten while in the middle of a first year study session.  Today’s lunch was at home and consisted of a ricotta/fig & ginger jam piece of toast accompanied by a sliced apple with both peanut butter and Biscoff for dipping.


The jam choice was driven by the fact that Nov 1-7 is National Fig Week.  Eat one or some!!

Snacks were both pre- and re-fueling.  A chocolate peanut dipped MoJo bar and string cheese with crackers and dried cranberries.


Dinners were super simple.  Monday was a quick peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich with bold Chex mix, peanut butter filled pretzels, plantain crunchers, and muddy buddies.  Today was some leftover eggplant coconut curry with a sprinkle of honey roasted peanuts and curried pumpkin seeds.


Dessert for tonight was a little sliver of the Reese’s fudge pie with a side of moose tracks ice cream.  I originally thought it was a woefully inadequate piece but as I ate and studied at the same time (aka didn’t focus solely on stuffing my face with pie) it worked out just fine.


Nighttime Activities

Last night was Halloween so the first and second years went out Bourbon Street Distillery for some dollar beers and drink specials.


It was nice to hang out with everyone and spend some time with them outside of the student room.  Most of the company dressed up in costume.  I didn’t, mostly for lack of something to dress up in, and that was fine, especially when we got to the bar and no one else was dressed up.  I didn’t end up drinking but I socialized a whole bunch.

Tonight was full of gchats and studying.  Joshua played my patient so I could counsel before my role play tomorrow at 9am.

Joshua Chat

I know we look bored but we were deep in thought.  It went well I suppose.  I think it’s always good for me at this point to just get the words out of my mouth at least once before being critiqued.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for this week’s Tune Tuesday selection:

I heard this song for the first time a few days ago and fell in love with it.  It’s been in my head on repeat for a while.  Hope you liked it too!  (P.S. I know it’s from the Twilight series and some of you may or may not be into that but try and set it aside and just hear the song for what it is.)

Questions: What distance would you consider to be your “maintenance” run?


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