Monday, November 28, 2011

Re-entry Shock

That’s what my mom calls the first day week back from a vacation.

And boy, was I feeling it today.

I woke up pretty tired at 7:30 and made myself breakfast after I packed everything up for the day at school.  On the menu: piece of toast with a smashed poached egg, salsa, and nutritional yeast on top.


It was a nice hearty yet light breakfast and it was my first time tasting the new salsa mom sent me home with.  I liked it, so that’s a positive.

I walked to school and our Communications class was full of role plays this morning.  Three people went today and three go tomorrow (myself included).  Our subject this time is cancer so it’s a brand new field to be role play counseling in. I don’t feel super comfortable with the information yet so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

After class was dismissed I went back to the student room to make some adjustments to my own role play outline.  I snacked on an apple while making changes.


Eventually I had the outline tweaked to my satisfaction and when I stopped to think about what I wanted to do next, I found I was hungry.  In response to that, I heated up my leftover buffalo mac and cheese and almost burned my tongue trying to eat it. A few seconds too long in the microwave I think…


Metabolism class was at 1p and it focused on mucopolysaccharidoses.  Human genetics followed and we talked about cancer genetics.  How convenient, huh?  I’ll admit that I completely fell asleep in both of the classes.  I obviously need more sleep.

It was raining when I left school so I took the bus.  While I was doing my normal people watching from my seat, I also munched on some peanut butter cheddar crackers I picked up back at the end of my first 5K.


Once home I worked a bit and then decided some sweat was in order.  I changed and did 18 minutes on the stationary bike as well as 18 minutes on the elliptical.  I then hit the weight room for a machine driven circuit:

  • Leg press – 80lbs
  • Lat pull – 40lbs
  • Calf press – 80lbs
  • Leg extension – 40lbs
  • Chest press – 40lbs (maybe 30lbs…the pound marks were rubbed off)

Back at the apartment, I showered and quickly blanched some spinach tortellini.  I combined that with leftover curried chicken & broccoli casserole (from the night that Jack and I cooked on the motorhome) and had some carrots/celery with BBQ on the side.


A well rounded and delicious meal indeed.  After dinner I practiced my role play, set up direct deposit for my new job, and e-mailed my grandpa.  I also indulged in a bit of ice cream with caramel.


At this point though, my bed is calling yelling at me to join it for a dream party.  I am inclined to oblige.  Sleep well world!

Question: How was your first day back to work/school/the grind?


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