Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blast From The Past

Today has been such a great day.  I got to reunite with some old college roommates and catch up on their lives.  In order to get the day started right, I snacked on a frozen banana bite with white chocolate peanut butter.


Satisfied, I walked over to the gym with Jack.  While he did the reclined stationary bike, I did a calorie targeted workout on the elliptical.  It took me 31 minutes to burn 300 calories then I did a few minutes of cool down before heading over to the weight room.  Knowing we were on the clock (the first guests of the day were arriving in less than 40 minutes) I did a small workout.

  • Weighted Abdominal Crunch: 3x80lbs
  • Lower Back Extension: 3x80lbs
  • Rows: 3x40lbs
  • Lat Pull (behind the head instead of to the chest): 3x40lbs

Figuring we had time to get showers in before my old freshman roommate would drive into town we ran back to the apartment only to find that not five minutes later she had already arrived at the apartment complex.  So we stayed sweaty.  As she put it: “I’ve seen you worse.”  True that.

Everyone, meet Ally and her son Evan.


I haven’t seen him in so long and he is leaps and bounds bigger than I remember.  Believe it or not he is only 2, almost 3 years old.  The visit started off with a brunch of vanilla protein pancakes.


I had mine with white chocolate peanut butter, maple syrup, and chia seeds.  Evan enjoyed his all cut up with syrup to dip.


After brunch, Evan took to Jack like white-on-rice.  First they raced a few toy cars.


Then they played on the balcony and discussed the trucks and construction taking place next to my apartment tower.  Evan was enthralled by the train noise too.


Right before the two of them had to leave Evan was playing Angry Birds with Jack on his new tablet.  It was adorable and he totally beat Jack’s high scores on a few of the levels.  Ally informed us this was actually a fairly normal occurrence.  What do you know?  He’s a genius already!

When it was time to head back to the car Evan and I had a conversation about his shoes.  He got much louder the longer he was around us so it was a lot easier to talk to him at this point in the visit.


Evan held Jack’s hand on the way down the elevator and we said farewell.  I’m hoping to see them again soon before the pair go back to TN for school.  All in all, it was a great chance to hang out and catch up.  Love them both!

Back in the apartment, Jack and I finally had a chance to shower before heading out to meet my sophomore and junior year roommate Molly.


Since Jack had a chiropractic appointment at 4p, we decided to dine at the Mellow Mushroom, only 3 minutes from the office so we could have as much time as possible.


I settled on creating my own salad for our late lunch.  I mixed romaine and spring mix greens and topped it with artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, red onion, roma tomatoes, and pineapple.  I used their lite ranch as a dressing to dip on the side.


Jack got a sausage and peppers hoagie and we chose to split the bruschetta “munchie”.  It was so good.  Oil toasted bread, well seasoned and oiled tomatoes, salty feta, and a great balsamic drizzle.


I only had two pieces (mostly because I still had last night’s large buffet dinner on my mind) but there were two stellar pieces at that.  Yum.  Definitely get this is if you ever find yourself dining under an abnormally large mushroom. =D


Jack’s appointment took all of seven minutes so we headed to Meineke to get my car looked at.  The mechanic was terribly nice and ended up fixing the issue for free.  I have to call back in a week to check in but other than that he was optimistic that the problem (a catalytic converter flow error code check engine light) would resolve itself as an effect of the chemical he added to my gas tank.  I can only hope so!

From the repair shop we headed to Jack’s mom’s house to grab the rest of my stuff.  Finally, the last trip!  This one consisted of art pieces (large wall hangings) and my wine bottle collection.  Once we arrived back home with everything we decided to go for a walk around downtown.  We stopped at the Scottish Rite Cathedral first.  This place is massive.


Next we took a look at a Vietnam Veterans War Memorial.  It’s amazing how many people died in that war and the sentiments of those fighting it were heart-wrenching.


Our meanderings landed us at Yogulatte, the self-serve froyo and coffee joint not half a mile from where I now live.


Houston (read: waistline), we may have a problem.


These are bound to be a regular occurrence.

In my cup: Chocolate, dulce de leche, pistachio, and vanilla frozen yogurt flavors.  Toppings included mochi, marshmallows, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Kit Kats, coconut, graham cracker crust, chocolate espresso beans, various syrups, hot fudge, sprinkles, and a cherry on top.

At the moment, I’m thinking the rest of the night should consist of tea and TV.  I want to snuggle up, go through my Google Reader, and just veg.  I’ve designated tomorrow a rest day in order to set up next week so I can have a rest day before my 5K race on Saturday, the 13th.  In light of that, I am taking the time to actually bake a heavenly breakfast in the morning.  Later in the afternoon we have a pool party hosted by the bride- and groom-to-be (the ones who have their wedding on Saturday).  Sounds like fun!


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