Saturday, August 20, 2011

Low-Key Saturday

August 22nd: the first day of school.

I have had plenty of these days in my life however this is probably one of the most exciting.  Not only am I in a place I want to be (yay city living) but I am about to embark on the journey I have been waiting for. Genetic counseling is what I want to do with my life.  I am sure of it.

It was devastating to be turned down my first year of applying to GC programs but I feel like that made this year’s acceptance that much more exciting and meaningful.  I had to wait a whole year, had to do other things, pursue other subjects in the meantime but in one and a half days I get to go to class for something I am truly interested in studying.  We’re not talking about classes like physics and anthropology that I only took because they were part of the core curriculum to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree.  All of the classes in my new program are relevant.  They are right up my alley.  This focus is really exciting and motivating for sure.

Now I would be lying if I didn’t mention that I am feeling ever so slightly overwhelmed.  After tackling my orientation material that I got yesterday I was running all the deadlines and papers and projects and exams through my head.  Of course, not all of this is happening any time soon.  In fact, most of it was referring to things that happen in the last five months of the program.  However, it freaked me out just a bit but it also revved up my motivation and organizational skills. The truth is I have never had problems getting things done.  It may seem like it at times, and I may get scared and cry every once and while, but I ALWAYS finish what I start.  I just need to remember that as we head on down this road.

No project is too big. No clinical is to scary. No role play is too awkward.  No class is too hard.  When you want this to be your career, you just make it work.  I’m no stranger to hard work, so bring it on!


Soreness was the name of the game this morning.  I think it was due to my five miles of walking and working out yesterday.  I still decided to go to the fitness center but did 30 miles on the reclined stationary bike instead of something more vigorous like the elliptical or treadmill.  By the time I finished my workout I was ready for some refueling breakfast.


Vanilla protein dark chocolate chip pancakes were the perfect bite.  I topped them with maple syrup and chia seeds.  Of all kinds of chips, dark chocolate are my favorite for sure.

The rest of my morning was pretty low key.  I was feeling fairly exhausted still but I managed to vacuum my apartment and then mop the bathroom and kitchen floors.  It made me feel better to see the lines on the carpet.  Silly huh?

Lunch was around 1:30p and consisted of wheat puffs, Fiber One Honey Squares, and Peanut Butter & Chocolate Puffins mixed with chia seeds and nonfat plain yogurt.


I love the way the cereal stays crunchy (as long as you don’t take five years to eat the whole bowl) but you still get the moisture from the yogurt.  This was cool and creamy and a nice pick me up after doing chores.

I couldn’t shake the tired feeling so I gave in and took a quick twenty minute nap.  When I woke up I decided to make an important Taste of the Big City trip: cupcake run!!!  Some of the local companies and such around the city take part in a city-wide polling for the Best This and Best That.  A cupcakery just down the street from me made a deal with fans that if they voted in this poll (for any category, not just the ones they were nominated in) they would receive a free cupcake until August 21st.  Being the 20th, I realized I needed to jump on that boat.


I walked my behind the 0.5 miles to the bakery and was greeted by this adorable little shop.  There was a line but when it cleared I got a chance to peruse the cupcake selection.


The woman behind me saw me taking pictures and said she would take a picture of me with the cupcakes because “my mother would like it better.”  Who was I to turn her down?


I ended up choosing the Auf Wiedersehen flavor which happened to come in “jumbo” today.  Not going to argue…


I got the cupcake to go and they let you take it home in a super adorable Chinese takeout box.  I love the idea.


I was really tempted to scarf down my cupcake as soon as I got home but instead I cut up a Fuji apple (deliciously juicy) and paired it with some fabulous hummus.


Dinner was next on the list a few hours later.  I was wanting some veg so I made a salad with everything under the sun plus chickpeas, cherries, and nutritional yeast.


I love being able to eat meals the size of my head and not feel guilty.  Salads are perfect for that.


Want to know my favorite part of dinners like this?  The toppings.  I crave the point when all the lettuce is basically gone and all the chopped up veggies remain.


Awesome.  During my chowdown I noticed something tasted a little funny.  I couldn’t put my finger on it and continued to eat it.  That was a wrong decision.  Not 20 minutes later I was feeling dizzy, whoosy, headachy, and upset to my stomach.  An hour later my salad decided to make an upchuck exit.  Yucky.  While it wasn’t the most pleasant ending, I instantly felt better. 

A bit later my cupcake was calling me.  Probably didn’t help my cause that I had been watching Cupcake Wars since 6 o’clock…


This cupcake was beyond amazing.  Oh my gosh.  The moisture level was fantastic and let’s be honest, the ratio of cupcake to frosting is crucial.  They nailed it!


I will definitely be back to try every single other flavors.  They are relatively inexpensive too which is a nice touch.  I can’t wait!

Question: What’s your favorite cupcake flavor?


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