Saturday, August 6, 2011

Show Me Love

Today was Tom & Liz’s wedding!!!

You know what that means: love and cake.  =D

The day started out with the usual banana bite and homemade cinnamon peanut butter.


In the fitness center I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then did the elliptical for 15 minutes.  Because we had to run some errands before the wedding I skipped weights today in favor of a shower and an on time departure.

Breakfast consisted of leftover chocolate protein french toast casserole.  This time I topped it with chocolate PB2 and chia seeds after a brief re-heat.  Still good on day two!


After breakfast it was shower time.  I went from sweaty to sassy in a few short minutes.


Our errand this morning was to get Jack black dress shoes and black socks to go with his tux.  We ended up having to drive a half hour in the wrong direction from the church to pick these items up then we drove ourselves to meet up with the wedding party.  All in all, despite making a small detour because my GPS decided to suck at giving directions, we ended up a bit early.

The boys started getting ready and I, being an honorary groomsman for the day, noticed their shirts were the wrong color so everyone had to get new shirts delivered.  To make matters worse, after all this, not everyone’s new shirts were the right size.  One had too long of sleeves, the other too big a neck.  In other words, Men’s Wearhouse really failed us (there were also initial problems with the original order for one groomsman as well) but with some safety pins and some brute force we made it all work.


Probably one of the greatest moments of the “getting ready” process was the groom putting his boutonniere on backwards…


When the boys left to take pictures I snacked on some trail mix I brought with me since I hadn’t eaten for four hours at the point.


In the mix: wheat puffs, chocolate crispy oats, honey squares, roasted/unsalted cashews, honey roasted peanuts, and dried cherries.  It really hit the spot and served to tide me over for a while.

Finally the ceremony started (perfectly on time by the way…major kudos!) and the groom couldn’t take his eyes off of his bride.  It was beyond adorable.


They shared a Catholic Rite of Marriage ceremony and one sweet kiss at the end.


After the whole thing was over, I made my way through the receiving line at the door of the church and said hello to Jack who had been up with the groomsmen this whole time.  I headed to the back of the church to round up the tuxes and the boys’ stuff so that when pictures were over everyone could head over to the reception site.

By the time we finally made it to the banquet hall, all the appetizers were gone.  I understand there was a veggie and fruit display along with some cheese and crackers.  I searched the tables to find a place to sit with some people I knew.  Since I had arrived so late the pickings were slim and I was worried I wouldn’t find a place but I did and it turned out to be the absolute last table to get food.  Figures.

When I did get to the buffet I was greeted by two kinds of salad.  There was a regular romaine mix with cherry tomatoes and croutons and a marinated tomato, onion, cucumber, and green pepper salad.  I sampled both.  The entrees included chicken, green beans, red pepper penne, and red mashed potatoes.  There were rolls too.


All in all, the salad was the most satisfying but it may have had an unfair advantage because I was really hungry and it was the first thing I ate.  The green beans were a bit limp and the chicken and taters were kind of bland.  The red pepper penne was the best thing though because we were the last table to get food it was stone cold by the time it crossed my lips.  Despite everything, I was so hungry that I ate it all.  In fact, my table didn’t believe me when I said I was getting two plates, one for salad and one for entrees, but man, I told them, I am serious about this food thing.

The cake cutting came next.  The bride and groom chose a wonderful cake from A Piece of Cake in their colors, ivory and kelly green.


They were nice to each other and didn’t smear or smash the cake.  It was a rather sweet moment to be sure.  The bride promptly put more cake in her mouth after the groom fed her a bite so I took that as a sign that the cake was going to be scrumptious.  And, I was right.









There was a chocolate layer and then a yellow layer (the best yellow cake I have ever had).  Both had the same frosting which was to die for.  In fact I can neither confirm nor deny that 4 pieces were consumed…

The traditional dances were next on the list after a toast by the best man and one by the maid of honor.  The bride and groom choreographed their first dance and it turned out wonderfully.  I was truly impressed.


The bride danced with her father and the groom with his mother in subsequent dances and during the mother-son dance I got one of my favorite pictures from the whole event.  The groom tried to dip his mother and got one heck of a reaction.


It was pretty sweet I must say.  The majority of the wedding guests were either family or swing dancing friends of the bride and groom and as a result the dance floor was hopping when it opened up.  I loved how much everyone was out there getting their groove on.  I danced with people I hadn’t seen in a while and spent the whole night on the floor.  It was fantastic.

Now what wedding would be complete without a little fun??  While the couple was mingling with guests the bridal party snuck out and “decorated” the car.  Because, after all, the world needed to know who was driving away from the banquet hall!


In the end Jack and I managed to snag the bride and groom for a photo before everyone went their separate ways.  The whole event was lovely and we had a wonderful evening.  We were so blessed to be a part of it.


Sleep is in order for sure because tomorrow is Jack’s big move.  Man, no rest for the weary or the wicked.

Question: What is your favorite part of a wedding??


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