Thursday, August 25, 2011

It’s A Party

What a Thursday it was!

I woke up a bit before my alarm and went out to check on a few things in my e-mail.  Satisfied that things were on track for the day I decided to create breakfast.  Vera (that’s my Vitamix to those of you completely confused) whipped me up a peanut butter mocha green monster.














In the mix: a cup of almond milk, 15g Life’s Basics Chocolate Protein Powder, 1/2 tbsp Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa (one of the best there is!), 1 tbsp PB2, a medium frozen banana (100g), and a few large handfuls of spinach.  The best thing about a green monster is that you can’t taste the spinach at all!  Great way to sneak veggies into your life.


I poured this lover into a tumbler and trotted off to class.  We had Foundations at 9am in the library and I arrived with time to drop by the student room.  I found most of my class there and we walked over together.  In class we discussed the importance of obtaining medicals records and making sure that everything is included and such.  We also talked about requesting records, something we’ll have to do a bunch while prepping cases.  I must say that I understand why HIPAA is in place but man, it makes record requesting a real pain.

We also talked about genetics databases and ways to generate differential diagnoses.  To practice this we got broken into teams and had mini cases we had to check out.  Jessica and I ended up with the wrong diagnosis but we learned a lot about the search process as a whole.  We feel much more prepared for our take home cases that we have to prep as homework for Tuesday’s class.

After we finished class, we headed back to the student room where a second year told us about a big free fair on campus so we headed on over to check out what freebies we could find.  There was a lot of food like pizza, Chinese, and various catering companies but I managed to avoid most of it.  The thing I let myself indulge on, you ask?  Scotty’s Brewhouse fried pickles.  I had one and it was divine.

Corrie, April, and I walked over to the health center after the fair to get a few more things done on our physicals.  I just had to pick up a vaccination record so I was in and out really fast.  I walked back to the student room, did some homework, and gobbled up my chai latte oatmeal before we first years hit up Preclinic Conference to observe.


With a full tummy, I migrated with my fellow students to the conference room where one of our profs dropped off our Dysmorphology syllabus and supplementary readings.  The pile was over an inch thick.  I joke not my friends…

The remainder of our program orientation took place after Preclinic Conference finished and didn’t end up taking two hours which meant that I got to head home a bit early to prep for the party!

I had all the first years (minus April who had a prior commitment) over for a “the first week is over” dinner.  I provided appetizers in the form of garlic hummus, marinated tomatoes, Holy Deliciousness Hummus, mixed nuts and three kinds of crackers.


We socialized while dinner was cooking in the oven.  Remember that behemoth of a lasagna I made last night?


It turned out amazing and the garlic rolls I also made were wonderful.  We ate 2/3 of the lasagna in one sitting.  I’m happy it tasted so yummy.  Not too shabby for a first attempt at homemade lasagna.  There are leftovers too.  Awesome.


Dinner was accompanied by wine as was dessert a little later.  Now dessert was a whole other experience!  Corrie made a raspberry trifle which was delightful and Kayla brought brownies which were super fudgy.


I had both…twice.  What can I say?  I am a dessert girl.


After dessert the ladies had to leave so I was left to start the dishwasher (it is a blessing on night’s like this with five times the dishes I normally have) and wash the wine glasses by hand.  I was going to sit down but then I looked at the clock and decided to go for a run before the fitness center closed at 10p.  So I changed and headed over and ended up doing about 1.6 miles at a 6.5mph pace.  I must say that running after all that food was both a good and a bad idea.  I’m not sure which one it was more of but it was definitely both.

I came back and did some homework to mellow out the night.  This differential diagnosis thing is actually really intriguing to me so I enjoy this assignment a lot.  Tomorrow we technically don’t have class so I think I’m going to use it as a homework and workout day.  I would rather use the day and get a lot done than take the day off and have to work during the weekend.  That’s the plan anyways.  For now, I’m thinking my DVR should be emptied by a show or two.  Later!

Question: If you have the day off during the week do you use it to get stuff done/further your work or academic progress or do you have a rest day?


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