Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sweat, Sneakers, and Salmon

It has been four days since the accident and this morning I got sweaty for the first time!


Like the bruise that is blooming underneath my nice cut?  Looks worse than it feels, promise.  It felt so great to get back on the treadmill, if only at a walk between 3.8-4.2 miles per hour.  I kept the incline between 2.5-3.0 and did about 18 minutes.  I moved to the elliptical and did another 18 minutes at level 7.  Ended up burning 285 calories total and the workout did wonders for my mood!

When I got back to the apartment, I showered then had breakfast.  Leftover french toast bake with chocolate PB2 sauce and chia seeds was just right.


While I ate, mom was busy phoning all of the insurance companies and other contacts regarding the accident.  The main question on our minds at the moment is why the side airbags didn't deploy when I was hit.  We couldn't get ahold of anyone to answer that so we gave up for the day.  Also on the errand list was scheduling a health screen for my new genetic counseling program.  Being on pain pills after the accident, I was weary of everything but the person who scheduled my appointment on the phone said as long as I could produce the prescriptions everything would be fine.

Before we headed out to walk to the health center, we whipped up a quick lunch of a banana-mixed berry smoothie with some five fruit protein powder and a grilled provolone cheese sandwich.


Obviously I was super thirsty as you can see by the three glasses I had going on.  One held the smoothie, the mug had some vanilla caramel tea, and my large orange cup had water.  I was well hydrated!

We had a lovely walk over to my screening (it was a beautiful 77 degrees out, sunny) and ended up spending a good hour going over vaccinations and such.  I ended up having to get a titer for chicken pox (to make absolutely sure I am immune after getting it as a child) and a TB test.  Otherwise, all went well and we were on our way soon after.

After arriving at home, we remembered that looking into new running shoes was on the list of things to do so we checked for Finish Line locations and headed back out with a snack of apples, both Gala and Granny Smith, in hand.


When we arrived I met with an associate and got "fitted" for a running shoe.  Unfortunately, this person's read of my feet and their recommended shoes for me were in direct contradiction to a previous fitting I had had done in another city at another Finish Line a month back.  To marry the two, I tried his recommendations and the previous ones side by side.  After a bit of lacing and lots of walking I settled on the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11 (the shoe from the former fitting).








1. Love the color. 2. Love the price which was only $100. 3. 15 day trial run (on any surface anywhere) with complete returnability made me really comfortable with my purchase.

These shoes are technically support shoes so they have this really cool color blocking to show you where the extra support is.  This should keep my arch from collapsing any when I run.  I've never really had this kind of arch support so it should be interesting to see how running feels with it.


On a silly note, did you know my shoes were limited editions plus they have DNA on them?  How appropriate for a genetic counseling student!  Love it!


With such success on our last errand of the day we triumphantly drove home and got scrambling in the kitchen to make some yummy dinner.  I had been eyeing this awesome Chinese Broccoli for a while.  I personally love broccoli in takeout so I couldn't wait to try an at-home version.  In addition, I had also been looking for a way to get some good use out of the canned salmon in my cabinet.  With that in mind I found this great burger recipe.  We left out the sesame seeds and didn't pan roast them but baked them at 370 degrees for 28 minutes instead.


I cooked up some brown rice to serve as the bed for the broccoli and burger.  By the time I tasted each component I was so taken with all three that I mixed everything together and just dug in, face first, forkful by forkful.


This baby didn't last long and I can guarantee you that both recipes will be staples in my kitchen.  Seriously, make the Chinese broccoli and you will never order take out again!

While in the cooking mode, I decided to tackle Holy Deliciousness Hummus finally.  Earlier in the day I had soaked and cooked the white kidney beans that were necessary so by the time 8p rolled around, everything was ready to go.  I made a double batch since I forgot that beans double-triple in size when cooked and had a ton in the pot.  May I just say that this "hummus" (since technically without chickpeas it isn't actually hummus) is stellar??  I cut out the oil in the recipe by using splashes of the bean cooking liquid to smooth out the hummus instead and it turned out great.  I love the goat cheese and rosemary flavors and the fact hat, on the whole, the flavor isn't overwhelming.  It creeps up on you instead of hitting you over the head.  I can't wait to have some on toast tomorrow!

After such a long errand filled day, mom and I wanted to just relax on the couch and eat ice cream.  Because of my move, the ice cream I brought with me had been melted in transit and then refrozen rendering it completely impossible to serve so we threw it out.  Realizing we had no sweet treat at this point, we ran to Marsh and grabbed this beauty:


This was perfect!  I topped mine with some torn marshmallows, a crushed caramel TimTam and some chocolate syrup because I can't get enough chocolate...ever.


Super way to end a super day.  Tomorrow is my mommy's last day here and we again have a pretty full docket.  However, I am very glad for all the things we have already accomplished.  I couldn't have done it without her here.  Love!  <3

Something I'm starting today: Tune Tuesday!  Check out a favorite song of mine every week.

Question: I noticed I used a few orange dishes today so I wonder, do you have a favorite color and if so, do you have dishes in that shade?


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